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Discover Edu-Suite: the most complete platform to digitalize your educational content!

What is Edu-Suite?

Edu-Suite makes access to the Edtech world accessible, easy and doable for all publishers and schools.

Edu-Suite is a complete package containing all the relevant tools and functionalities needed to develop, publish and distribute a digital teaching method. With Edu-Suite, the all-in-one edtech solution, every publisher and school is ready for the future!

Edu-Suite all in one edtech solution

Why Edu-Suite?

All in one solution

With Edu-Suite, you don’t need anything else. With this SaaS solution you easily digitalize existing or develop new educational methods. All tools, services and support are available to publish, distribute and commercialize your content!

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The most personalized way of digital education

Edu-Suite’s a.i.-based ProLearn technology makes it possible to develop adaptive and personalized learning paths. Want to know how? Download the whitepaper!

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In addition to the complete package of CMS, LMS, Online Academy and specific tooling to publish, sell and distribute according your countries regulations, customization is also possible.

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Develop, publish and distribute with Edu-Suite!

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State-of-the-art CMS

The Content Management System of Edu-Suite offers publishers the possibility to create educational content. Our CMS helps to organize your work as efficiently as possible. For example with our link technology; Create and format content only once and then publish this content in different places. This will help you save time and costs. In addition, the Rich text editor with its “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” functionality gives immediate feedback on your composition and structure of your content and helps you to work more efficiently.

An important feature of Edu-Suite’s CMS is the “Word” import functionality. Existing folio material or draft copy in a “word” format can easily be read into the CMS. This copy can be further developed or published directly as-is. The Edu-Suite CMS also allows an almost unlimited amount of external source material. Besides that you can choose from two taxonomies. The K-I-T taxonomy (Knowledge-Insight-Tests) developed by Edu-Suite or the well known RTTI taxonomy.

The heart of the Edu-Suite CMS is our ProLearn technology. This ai-driven technology truly makes personalized learning possible. Curious how? Download the white paper on ProLearn from Edu-Suite here.

Developed by a team with a passion for education!

Complete LMS

The Edu-Suite Learning Management System puts the teacher in charge. The ProLearn technology of the Edu-Suite all-in-one edtech solution collects and analyzes data generated by students, teachers and the educational methods. This data is then visualized for the teacher on a personalized dashboard. The LMS advises the teacher about the individual learning route to be followed by a student, provides feedback on the material made and visualizes the (test) results.

The integral link with the Online Academy (the student environment) means that lecturer and student can communicate with each other quickly and easily. Plans, tests and results are easily shared with each other. The Single-Sign-On optional link from an external learning environment, allows the student to directly acces the right learning source. The design and layout are intuitive and user-friendly.

Do you prefer to use your own teaching and student environment? No problem. We link Edu-Suite to your existing e-learning environment via an LTI protocol. We are happy to explain. Please feel free to contact us.

Edu-Suite all in one edtech solution LMS

All-in-one or customized, everything is possible!

Webshop integration

Edu-Suite is not the all-in-one edtech solution for no reason, not only do we offer you a fully integrated webshop (which easily integrates with payment methods such as I-deal and VISA), Edu-Suite also provides the opportunity to connect an external webshop to the internal product databases and catalogs of our CMS. Furthermore, the API connection secures a connection to your existing webshop and underlying fulfillment partner(s).

Edu-Suite all in one edtech solution webshop

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